28 Jun 2020, Can-Do Heroes

Teach For Malaysia

Teach For Malaysia
Shahrun Sofian
Shahrun is an engineer by training and teacher by profession. Under Teach for Malaysia, Shahrun enrolled in the 2012-2013 fellowship program where she was assigned to a rural school in the Kuala Selangor district. Shahrun believes that education is the key to success and a ticket out of poverty which is why she has dedicated herself to serve in the national education system and to impact as many lives as possible. Today, nine years on, Shahrun teaches at a public school in Selangor and is still extremely focused on her mission of changing Malaysia one book at a time.

Melissa Tanya Gomes
Despite living the big city dream, Melissa found herself going back every week to her small hometown as a way to make a real impact in the world. After years of teaching children from low income families on the side, she finally decided to quit her high paying job at Ernst Young to chase her true passion of reforming the Malaysian education landscape. Ten years later, she is still devoted to empowering leadership at all levels in the education system with her company, Edvolution Enterprise. With a commitment to building a culture of excellence in Malaysian public schools, Melissa Gomes is a recipient of the 2018 Excellence Service Award by the Ministry of Education Malaysia and truly embodies the fighting spirit of a Can-Do hero. 

Melissa stands firm on her beliefs and commitments to ensuring every Malaysian has access to education despite the challenges of reforming a nation’s education landscape. Melissa is an individual persevering for the good of the collective. She has become the voice of the youth when it comes to building a better life for all. Her efforts and actions are an inspiration to Malaysians who love their country, and who are devoted to making Malaysia a home they can be proud of.

Tay Sue Yen
After believing she had conquered her biggest challenge of setting up a lab for former employer American Biotechnology Penang, Tay Sue Yen ventured into the world of teaching where she found even a bigger hurdle, teaching children to believe in themselves again. When joining the Teach for Malaysia fellowship, she had a profound realization when a child asked her “Why do you care about us, teacher?” This question has sparked a vision for Sue Yen, where she dreams of a future in which “One day, every child will be able to read.” Her experience as a Fellow has led her to co-found MYReaders where the organisation creates localised and structured reading materials to help more students in both primary and secondary schools to read. Sue Yen’s Can-Do story is one of an empathetic teacher that has helped hundreds of students overcome illiteracy and find a belief in themselves.

HSBC stands for being connected with the community, and Tay Sue Yen embodies just that. She not only cares about her students, but also gives them the support and respect to help them progress with education. Perhaps more importantly, she gives them the confidence to achieve their dreams.

Consumers these days look for authenticity and are inspired by sincerity. They root for the real and unsung heroes of the world, and champion them more than any red-carpet celebrity. Her genuine spirit and selfless nature is the perfect combination of a real life role model that Malaysian youths have been longing for.
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