4 Nov 2020, Can-Do Heroes

Sheldon and Emerson

Sheldon and Emerson
Sheldon’s fascination with drawing began at a young age. When he was 2 years old, his parents gave him a sketch book and a pen, and he drew everywhere he went — while waiting for his parents at the bank, at restaurants and even in a moving car. Recognising Sheldon’s talent and enthusiasm, his parents frequently brought him and his brother on field trips to art museums to encourage the interest. When Sheldon was 9, he asked his parents to allow him to learn digital drawing, a skill that he continues to hone to this day. Also at that age, he started conducting workshops and gave presentations about comic-drawing and cartooning. Never once did he think that he was too young for the task. He has now been doing this for the past 5 years and has reached out to over 4,000 people.

Sheldon loves storytelling — and his current goal is to produce a science-fiction book series with a storyline that aims to give the reader courage to pursue their ambitions despite hurdles that present themselves along the way. Taking inspiration from interesting science videos on YouTube and from his own personal experiences, he intends to use some of these concepts to write this book. It is still a work in progress, but Sheldon has an interesting and uplifting story in mind that he would like to share with others and hopefully help them find their Can-Do spirit! 

One of his biggest challenges now is time; he juggles between schoolwork, paid illustration projects and yet still makes time for his own passion of writing his own series of books. Though managing all this is tiring Sheldon’s can-do spirit does not allow him to feel despair or burdened, but instead is what drives him to keep achieving more and more.

Unlike his older brother Sheldon, Emerson is interested in creating animations. Just a year ago, he came across some videos on YouTube made by storytime animators who told stories of their personal lives through 2D animations. Little did he know, he had stumbled upon what might just turn out to be a lifelong passion — creating 2D animations! 

He decided to create a YouTube channel and for a long time, he struggled to come up with ideas for content. He was also quite surprised at how long the process is to create a simple animation. Despite finding out that he needed to draw each character and scene frame by frame nearly thousands of times to make a short animation clip (it takes 720 frames per minute to create a smooth animated video!), Emerson was not daunted and instead put his head down and worked on his passion. He easily spends 5 hours a day and even more during the weekends, carefully drawing each character and scene over and over again just to create animated videos for his channel. 

After half a year of starting his own YouTube channel, the number of subscribers was low and he was contemplating shutting it down altogether and trying something else as he was starting to feel like it was just too difficult.
Nevertheless, due to his burning can-do spirit he decided to try one more time and did things differently this time. Instead of randomly choosing a storyline to work on (which was what he did before), he decided to find out what videos were trending on YouTube so that he could create something others would want to watch. That is how he came up with a storyboard for an animation based on the popular game "Among Us" and much to his delight, once the video was uploaded his subscriber count went from 80 to 8000 in less than 2 months! His most viewed video has 1.8 million views within 3 weeks of posting, with hundreds of positive comments asking him to make more! 
Since then, the increasing number of subscribers who appreciated his work has become his motivation to keep going. Emerson is glad he did not give up when he wanted to, and will continue to pursue his passion for creating 2D animations with evermore fervour.

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