30 Jun 2020, Can-Do Heroes

Fazrena Aziz

Fazrena Aziz

Fazrena Aziz’s vision was simple – to design a headscarf that covers and fits comfortably. The inability to find one previously drove her to pursue what would now become one of the best-selling hijabs in the market. TudungPeople was formed in 2011 when Fazrena, then an architecture student studying for her undergraduate degree, experimented with producing hijabs for her friends – using her parent’s home as the base of her operations. Being new to the business world, she proactively sought ways to improve her business and financial acumen to make her business a success.

TudungPeople moved into its first physical store in 2012 but that was not met without challenges. The store was located on the third level of a shop lot building on the outskirts of town, which naturally lacked foot traffic. Nevertheless, TudungPeople persevered because for Fazrena, it was not only about building a viable business and livelihood, but about providing an alternative for fellow Muslim women looking for comfort in modesty.

Coming from an all-girls school in Penang, she grew up in an environment where girls empowered and encouraged each other to be strong and steadfast. This is what Fazrena aims to continue driving through TudungPeople, where she wants women to know that they can be whoever they want to be in a hijab, and still be beautiful and strong.

Beyond offering up to 60 colours per design at a time and a new collection released every week, Tudung People is also one of the first in Malaysia to have size options for their hijabs. 

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